Monday, January 31, 2011


Wow! What a gorgeous day we had here yesterday! According to my car, while running errands WITH THE WINDOWS DOWN, we reached 68 degrees!
After scenes like this from last week,

it was so welcome! We celebrated with a fantastic grilled dinner, and Ed couldn't have been happier to man the grill!

All the warm weather we had this weekend has got me daydreaming about getting my hands all kinds of filthy and transforming a good portion of our lawn into our own veggie garden. Soon, the ground will be thawing out, and we'll be digging in! The kids started yesterday, by excavating some mud to build themselves some life sized mud playhouses. Yes, really. We visited an exhibit in the fall at the North Carolina Arboretum that detailed Native American dwellings. This was very inspiring to Em, who is convinced that she needs one of her own in the backyard!
Here is the future garden area (the big brown patch WAY down there), and possibly future mud house village site.

It looks like the weather is going to be "cooling" down again this week. For now, I guess I will hold onto the inspiration and be working on the garden plans from the cozy house!