Tuesday, January 1, 2013


When I made the move to a vegan diet the egg was the most difficult thing to find my way without.  Learning the kitchen basics from my mom many years ago, I remember her stressing that she never strictly followed recipes unless she was baking. Baking is so unforgiving when you start messing with the ingredients.  In the beginning, rather than round up a bunch of vegan recipes and cookbooks, I tried to focus on altering some of my tried and true favorites, so I avoided baking altogether if an egg was involved .  A baker friend of mine brought us some vegan brownies one evening and shared the secret of replacing an egg with 1/4 cup of  silken tofu.  GENIUS!
poster from sewindieshop on Etsy

I finally do have a few of these tricks up my sleeve, but I was delighted to find this poster on Etsy this morning.
Now, if I could muster the courage to tackle some homemade vegan sour cream.

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